Est. 2018
Baltimore, MD

The Center for Holistic Health

Learning to Heal is a Baltimore-based integrative
health practice. Any service we offer, both now and
in the future, has the potential to heal any and
every aspect of your life.

This is what holistic wellness is all about.

We are guiding our community through a collective
healing journey, one person at a time. 

Our Path and Purpose

Heal Ourselves To Heal Others

 We are called to this path because as we heal ourselves we create a ripple effect that heals others; and as we heal others, we create opportunities to heal more of ourselves.   

Believe In What We Offer

We study our healing methods, and practice them daily. The only services we offer, are those which have already transformed our own lives.  

Serve The Collective

Regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, class, age, ability, religious upbringing, and even your spiritual understanding; we consider you a part of our healing community. 

Start From Where You Stand

The Journey to Healing

Founded In 2018

In the years prior to the conception of Learning to Heal as a business, healing was a passion-driven pastime for our founder, Makayla Gilliam-Price (MGP.) She studied the tarot day in and out and offered readings to those closest to her. However, it was not until she sold her first reading for $1 per question, did she begin to realize that others valued her gift as much as she did. From there, she invested into establishing a platform that would house and protect the healing she offered her community-- which is now known as Learning to Heal LLC. After creating Learning to Heal, MGP pursued the path of becoming a Usui Reiki Master, and has ever since expanded her own and therefore Learning to Heal's ability to guide people through their lives' journeys-- no matter how intimidating or exciting.

Manifesting The Future

We hold the vision of creating a physical holistic health center, and healing campus in NE Baltimore, MD. Our dream is one that would offer our surrounding community a healing experience of quality, beauty, and authenticity.

The Social Media Mission

Before Learning to Heal had a business address, and its own home on the internet, healing was offered directly to clients through the use of social media. Our reach, and the scope of our healing work could not be what it is without platforms like Instagram the birthplace of "Tarot Chat Live;" Facebook and the "Spirit of a Family" community and the "Free Reiki Initiative;" Soundcloud and Bandcamp, the hosts of "Breathe. The Podcast;" Youtube where MGP uploaded Tarot Reading samples to familiarize the public with her style of reading; and of course Patreon and our Virtual Healing Community which backed our first healing campaign generously and unconditionally for several months! We open our hearts fully in thanking every soul who supported, joined, and contributed to our social media mission-- you all planted the seeds of faith that created Learning to Heal into what it is today.

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Let's Connect!

Healing On Your Favorite Platforms

We Want to Hear From You!

If you have questions about anything we offer, want to leave a review, make a request for other healing services, or really anything else– feel free to reach out!

Contact Us With All Your Healing Inquiries!





NE Baltimore, Maryland, 21206​

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