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Every Reiki Session is specifically tuned to your intentions, and is conducted with your highest interest at heart. Book a session, relax, and allow healing to flow through you. 

No Matter Where You Are


Whether it is to receive reiki, a tarot reading or some other spiritual consultation, some people value experiencing energy in-person. We offer the option of in-person services specifically for you!


Virtual healing sessions offer you the option to receive healing "in real time "without physically being present. This option is perfect for hour(s) long tarot readings and distance reiki sessions.

Digital Downloads

Some pre-recorded sessions (such as "Custom Tarot Readings") are produced by tapping into your energy directly; while other sessions (like "Cord-Cutting Reiki") are produced with the intention to heal the collective.

no matter what you need

We all have free will

Create your journey

Divine Feminine Coaching

Relationship guidance for God-ordained partnerships.
$ 111
  • Weekly 1 Hour Divination Sessions
  • Monthly Astrology Predictions
  • Divine Feminine Tarot Spread

Twin Flame Ministry

Relationship guidance for God-ordained partnerships.
$ 222
  • Weekly 2 Hour Sessions
  • AstroCompatibility Check
  • Twin Flame Union Tarot Spread
  • Unlock Twin Flame Union Ceremony

divine Masculine Coaching

Relationship guidance for God-ordained partnerships.
$ 111
  • Weekly 2 Hour Sessions
  • AstroCompatibility Check
  • Divine Masculine Tarot Spread

Use Your Freedom

Write your story

Express Your Truth

Your shadow

When I said I wanted to go with you You turned, smiled, and said ‘my shadow’ It was without irritation For I knew that sound

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We forget to say a lot,These are what we truly NEEDED to say at key moments in our lives. I am hurt. I feel alone.

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Mending( Published at The Writers Club)

Deep pain dissolve as tears are shed,holding them in, creates pure dread,lingered feelings, grasp to then spread,depression comes to kill hopes dead.… Mending( Published at

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Love Has to Be Maintained

John Green, author, Turtles All the Way DownSource/OP: https://at.tumblr.com/surqrised/you-remember-your-first-love-because-they-show/eyosoxvgmxgn … Love Has to Be Maintained

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The Art of Forgiving

UnknownSource/OP: https://at.tumblr.com/remanence-of-love/696027294106615808/wso7hb0ye1yh The post The Art of Forgiving appeared first on A Little … The Art of Forgiving

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Jihad: Orientalism and knowledgeable ignorance

Sep 20,2022 – JORDAN TIMES / Nedal Al- Mousa The term “knowledgeable ignorance” is used by the authors of a book titled “Why do People

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Know Your Needs

Your Power is in the Now

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of families reported improvement in children's relaxation post-reiki
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adults in the U.S. have received energy healing in the past year
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Learning to Heal Benefits Everyone!

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characteristics of health are improved by Reiki: pain, tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, appetite, shortness of breath, anxiety, and depression
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increased interest in tarot readings since 2019
Thank you so much! Seriously, I really enjoyed my reading. Sometimes we yearn for the earth to validate our own intuition, and give us a little bit of reassurance. That reading literally gave me just that! Thank you again!
- Actual Learning to Heal Client
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